Monday, October 20, 2014

Great Eastern Cutlery Bull Buster Large Sodbuster

Building on the success of the Bullnose Sodbuster, Great Eastern Cutlery recently released the larger ( 4 5/8" as compared to 3 7/8" ) Bull Buster Large Sodbuster.  Although I suspect everyone stays away from the name "sodbuster" because someone probably has a claim to that term; you can't look at these without thinking it in the shallows of your mind anyway.  Both are right at home in the field of workhorse knives produced in the Farm & Field category of GEC products.

This 2014 release of the Bull Buster comes in 1095 as opposed to the O1, and the typical delrin and micarta handle options.  The backspring on this monster is tight and results in an average pull of 7-8 on a scale of 10.  The Bull Buster does have half stops which lends to the stout pull, but the combination leaves you wondering why you should pay more for a lockback version.  Steel liners and the standard compression style pin round this off as probably as close to an economy knife as we are going to see from Great Eastern Cutlery.

If you need a handful of knife that can keep up with you regardless of the chore, give it a look.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Great Eastern Cutlery Dixie Stock Knife

Great Eastern Cutlery has put a new spin on an old knife.  The new GEC Dixie Stock Knife is a great old round bolster stockman with a somewhat unique blade combination.  The standard main clip, but the secondaries are a wharncliffe and a somewhat unique take on a coping blade.  With this blade combination they have expanded the list of tasks that the Dixie Stock Knife will be ready to tackle.
At 4 1/4", it is a great size for a work stockman.  They have really tightened the joints down, which has limited the action somewhat; but once you put this thing to work it will ease itself into a smooth little workhorse.  There are several handle and trim variations, so take a look at all the offerings if this looks like something you might be interested.

Hess Knifeworks : Great Fixed Blades with Value in Mind

We have now started carrying the Hess Knifeworks series of fixed blade knives and have been very impressed with what has come thru the door so far.  They get most all of the blades stamped and heat treated by Great Eastern Cutlery and then put their own exotic handles on them as well as finish them out.  These men have worked in the cutlery business for many years and I am glad they have decided to show their talents under their own name now.
To me a couple of standout patterns are the Muley and the Tiburon.  Just unique looking patterns that are begging to be put to work.

If you are in the market for a hard core carbon fixed blade, check out the Hess Knives.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Great Eastern Cutlery Bullnose, A Micarta for Everyone

We loved the Great Eastern Cutlery OD Green Canvas Micarta so much the first time it came around that we almost immediately turned in a special factory order for more.  In addition to the OD, we also made Natural Canvas Micarta and Red Linen Micarta models.  They just showed up here Monday and are just amazing little work knives.  The only real differences I saw between these and the first run (other than slabs), is that tightening of the pivot joint.  It serves to keep the blade centered and eliminate any chance of play; but does slow the action a bit.  Also the pins seem ground down a little lower and less of an edge on them, so they are not so obtrusive as the first run.  A lot of makers can do a nice sodbuster, but Great Eastern Cutlery's Bullnose is in a class of its own.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Great Eastern Cutlery Magnum #22 Small Gunstock

Big knife in a little package!  We have received several of the Tidioute Magnum variations and I really like this knife if you need a sub 3" model.  Very stout for the size and has good action for the thickness of the backsprings.
The Great Eastern Magnum has not been a big hit with the customer base, but I expect it probably comes in a little pricey for many.  I suspect as they get a little more exposure on the forums, there will be more people taking a look at them.  But I did not stock up because my Early Reserve demand was rather low.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Great Eastern Cutlery Missouri Trader Lockback #42

Great Eastern is putting out another run of their mountain man sized lockback this week in all three brands.  Thus, there will be a stainless run as well.  Although they did severely under estimate the demand for this pattern the second time around and will probably follow up soon with another run to satisfy the customer base.  This run of the Great Eastern Cutlery Trader is built very nice, as was the first run.  I do believe though that there may be a little more front/back movement in this run.  It is not noticeable to most people, but for those that get out the kid gloves it is there on those I have handled so far.

A great pattern for those that have use for this size / style.  Below is a quick video look at the cocobolo model.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Great Eastern Cutlery Viper Swayback Jack #47

Just got in the newest pattern from GEC, and have to say I like it.  The Great Eastern Viper may not take over as my favorite pattern, but it is a sweet little knife.  Both the Tidioute and Northfield Viper lines are nice; the build is tight, and the action is near perfect.  Not so tight that it breaks a thumbnail, but enough pressure you don't have to worry about accidental closing (unless you are being careless).

All in all the Viper is a well built and great feeling Swayback Jack pattern, and a great addition the the Great Eastern Cutlery lineup.  As usual the Tidioute Cutlery models will be the simply elegant series and the Northfield Cutlery will have a few more bells and whistles.  They can be found on CollectorKnives.  Below is a quick video look.